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Spatial organization

Shape constancy

Tracing shapes


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PACKAGE: Tracing shapes

Authors: dr. Kristijan Musek Lešnik, dr. Petra Lešnik Musek

Package contents:

  • introductionary booklet,
  • 7 e-workbooks (.pdf files) with 420 worksheets,
  • user name and password to access workbooks and worksheets.

Tasks in this package are a combination of different pen and paper activities intended to differentiate and copy different patterns and shapes, from simple and simmetrical to complex and irregular ones.

Below are links to workbooks introductions. Each workbook is represented with selected worksheets. (At this stage links lead to representative Slovene workbooks.)


Workbooks in the package TRACING SHAPES:

Tracing shapes: circles

Tracing shapes: squares

Tracing shapes: triangles

Tracing shapes: sharp-edged shapes

Tracing shapes: soft-edged shapes

Tracing shapes: irregular shapes

Tracing shapes: basic geometric shapes - direction






© dr. Kristijan Musek Lešnik, dr. Petra Lešnik Musek, 2013, 2014

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